Client: Award-winning winery and vineyards, Spain

Brief: Wine labels and tasting notes for Crianza, Roble and VS wines, various vintages

Description: “Varietal aromas of berry tartness and jammy black-fruits, with Indian ink as well as balsamic lavender and rosemary. Mineral undertones and dark-roasted toasty notes from barrel-ageing with spices, clove, black pepper, liquorice, coffee and cocoa. Tight-grained oak aromas.”… “A mouth-filling attack of sweet ripe tannins with a profusion of nuances in perfect harmony: black-fruit, smoky subtle-oak toastiness, coffee, liquorice and dark chocolate. Excellent, powerful backbone of lively tannins, with a long and very persistent finish.” Mmmm… we’re mentally pouring the glass already.

Client: International Psychoanalytical Association

Brief: Website copy, articles, organisation newsletters, conference material, keynote speeches

Description: We have been working with the wonderful people at the IPA for the past two years now and enjoy a great working relationship. We appreciate the work they do and the insight they offer into this fascinating area. Some of our articles and presentations in translation:

Gagnebin, Murielle. (2012). “To heal or create, to create and heal: in search of their author.” In [title TBC], an anthology for the International Psychoanalytical Association. Published by Karnac.

Cabré, Luís Martín. (2011). “Dreams.” Panel presentation, International Psychoanalytical Association 2011 Conference, Mexico City

Krauze, Miguel Kolteniuk. (2011). “Is there one unconscious, or several?” Panel presentation, International Psychoanalytical Association 2011 Conference, Mexico City

Kancyper, Luís. (2011). “Sexuality”. Panel presentation, International Psychoanalytical Association 2011 Conference, Mexico City

Client: Leading fashion house and luxury brand, Italy

Brief: Classic fragrance re-launch, including fragrance notes

Description: Encapsulating all that is sexy and glamorous about Italy (and there’s a lot), this fashion house revisited the iconic Italian romance for the re-launch of its classic fragrance.

Client: Iconic haute couture fashion house, France

Brief: Company biographies, press releases

Description: Restrained elegance, timeless chic and fashion innovation are the hallmarks of this ethereal Parisian maison. We followed happily along.

Client: LeConte Travel Guides, France

Brief: Tourist guide to fashion and retail in Paris, with style notes for each fashion house

Description: Translating a guide to what has to be the place in the world to faire du shopping? We didn’t need any persuading. We can now tell you exactly where to buy your hand-crafted macarons or pick up a vintage Chanel handbag in the City of Lights. Oh là là!

Client: (capsule) Mens’ Ready-to-Wear Spring-Summer 2012 event at Les Docks, Paris

Brief: News release material for the fashion press

Description: Fashion forward, directional. Seasonal terms. Seasonal clothes. We rolled up our finely tailored sleeves and got on with the job.

Client: Film production company, France

Brief: Film proposal and quotation package for energy drink advertising campaign

Description: Video synopsis, visual imagery, narrative outline, creating the ‘mood’. Quintessential Parisian chic and heaps of sultry sex appeal.

Client: Dr. Antonio Pérez-Sánchez, former President, Spanish Psychoanalytical Society and director and supervisor of the Sant Andreu Mental Health Centre Barcelona, Spain. He is currently Supervisor of the Barcelona Institute of Psychoanalysis

Brief: Full-length book translation, Interview and Indicators in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, which deals with initial interviews in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in order to evaluate the patient’s suitability for a psychoanalytically based treatment, discussing the dynamics, aims and technique of the interview. The main theoretical bases of the book are Freud, Klein and Bion. The book also deals with the controversial issue of the differentiation between psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Description: Dr. Pérez-Sánchez was quite simply a pleasure to work with on this outstanding work. We developed a good working relationship throughout the translation process, with numerous skype calls and regular emails. Our primary aim: to produce a translation that faithfully and accurately reflected the original, while losing none of the readability and accessibility of the original. The reviews speak for themselves. Read them here.
Read what the author says.

Client: Global luxury group, brand leader

Brief: Group-wide reports on sustainability worldwide

Description: We all like doing our bit for the planet, but when you’re a luxury super-group, this involves some serious initiatives. An impressive document.

Client: Bespoke shirtmaker, Chile

Brief: Website, including detailed information on tailoring and manufacturing techniques, fabric properties, care instructions and style guide

Description: Did you know that you should always take your shirts off the line while they are still slightly damp? And that you should always start by ironing the collar and cuffs? Well, now you do, thanks to this highly-skilled manufacturer, dedicated to the craft of tailoring the perfect shirt.

Client: Leading national airline, Chile

Brief: Company biography, website, press releases

Description: We donned our flying caps to translate the website content for this impeccable airline, whose fascinating aviation history is just as remarkable in itself.

Client: French real estate company – supply chain leader

Commission: Consolidated financial statements

Client: Major global financial services provider

Commission: Consumer brochure on derivatives products

Client: French multinational operating in water and waste sectors

Commissions: Global sales and marketing strategy presentations, sustainability report, press releases, corporate restructuring presentation, environmental report, website content

Client: Market-leading automotive manufacturer, France

Commission: Global sales and marketing strategy presentation [Powerpoint]

Client: Major banking group, Spain

Commissions: Market analysis – banking sector report, real estate sector report, management/restructuring presentation

Client: leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm

Commissions: Investor presentations, financial analysis – including income and equity portfolio, funding and liquidity, market analysis, commercial strategy, product base, asset management activity

Client: ‘Top 5’ oil and natural gas company

Commission: Group progress report – strategic analysis [Powerpoint presentation]

Charity translation projects

Client: Krousar Thmey, Cambodia

Brief: Annual report, website content, press releases

Description: It is an honour, and always humbling, to work for the wonderful people at the Krousar Thmey Foundation in Cambodia, who provides educational and material support to children with special needs. With 14 centres in Cambodia, Krousar Thmey specialises in support for deaf and blind children, street children and strongly encourage the arts in all centres as a way of helping children reconnect to Khmer culture

Client: Friedreich’s Ataxia Literary Project, organised by BabelFAmily

Brief: One novel. Five continents. Several authors. An army of translators.

Description: An amazing project driven by BabelFAmily, the International Literary Project to Fight Friedreich’s Ataxia. The aim is to write a novel between several authors, from all over the world, who suffer from Friedreich’s Ataxia. Each author writes one or two chapters, and then the chapters are translated into multiple languages. We were proud to be asked to coordinate the English translations. BabelFAmily is a society that supports sufferers of Friedrich’s Ataxia and sponsors various biomedical research projects.

Client: Comunidad de Paz de San José del Apartado

Brief: Mission statement

Description: 15 years of resistance. We translated the mission statement for this remote farming community formed by displaced people who face continued pressure from every armed side. True to its principles, this brave community has renounced the use of arms and collaboration with any armed force, as they try to establish de-militarised spaces, which are neutral to the armed conflict. Want to know more? See our blog entry.

Client: María Blasco, for BabelFAmily

Brief: full-length translation of the fantasy novel, The Castle of Albanza, Editorial Ulzama, Spain

Description: Always happy to help raise awareness – and hopefully some cash – for BabelFAmily, who offers vital support and information to sufferers of FA, this novel is an un-put-downable romp through Spanish medieval history; with ghosts, deserted ruins, Crusaders, forsaken princesses – it has the lot! Brilliant fun.

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