All our interpreters are qualified and professionally accredited and specialise in wine, oenology and viticulture. Often they have industry-related degrees and substantial wine industry experience.

We currently offer the following interpreting services in French, Spanish (Mexican, Argentinean, Chilean and Peninsular Spanish), Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch and Mandarin. We can arrange just about any other language combination should you require it. Talk to us about your requirements today.

On-site (face to face) interpreting
This is where the interpreter stands beside the speaker and interprets in sections. While the speaker is talking, the interpreter listens, and may take notes. When the speaker stops, he or she re-speaks what has been said into the target language.

Who is on-site interpreting useful for?
On-site interpreting is very helpful in a number of different situations. From a business meeting, vineyard tour or wine expo to a networking dinner overseas.

At home or abroad
Our interpreters live and work in countries across the globe. We find the interpreter closest to you. Wherever you need them. This cuts down costs for you and takes the hassle out of dealing with local agencies.

Telephone interpreting
This is a form of consecutive interpreting, done via a three-way or conference telephone call. The interpreter will take notes, and once each piece of speech has been uttered, the interpreter will then re-speak what has been said.

Who is telephone interpreting useful for?
This is useful for when you and your client or business associate are not located in the same country. It’s amazingly convenient: you, your contact and your interpreter can be anywhere on the planet as long as you have a telephone line. This makes it very cost-effective too.

Video conference interpreting
This works in exactly the same way as telephone interpreting, using video conferencing or VOIP technologies.

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