Language learning

Wine language training for businesses

Don’t let language be a barrier to your business success.

If your team doesn’t speak the languages your company does business in, this can be a real barrier to realising your company’s true potential. Give your business the advantage by offering specialised language training to your employees. Empower your sales and marketing team to reach new audiences, or enable your overseas employees to learn key industry terminology.

Vinspeak specialises in providing wine industry specific language training to help your business grow. Our courses are structured around one or more industry areas – tailored to your requirements – so you get the results your business is looking for. Fast.

Contact us today to talk about how our focused language courses can put down the roots for your future success.

Wine language training for viticulture/oenology students
Looking to get vintage experience in Burgundy, Bordeaux or Champagne? How about a bit further afield – Mendoza, Panquehue or La Laguna? Want to impress during those all-important conversations with the winemakers while you’re there? Or are you an overseas student studying in Adelaide and want to get a head start in preparation for your Oenology and Viticulture degree course?

We have flexible courses to suit your time and budget.

Wine language learning for wine lovers everywhere
Planning your trip of a lifetime touring the vineyards of Bordeaux, Rioja, Tuscany or Mosel? Don’t miss out on the immense enjoyment you will gain through knowing the local language. You’ll make friends for life. And it’ll open doors – and maybe even bottles – for you…

Some of the areas our courses cover…

Business and Social Networking
Introducing Yourself – Talking about your Vineyard – Business Structure – Export Terminology – Cultural Awareness

Topography – Canopy Management – Stages of Phenology – Fruit Assessment – Harvest – Organic and Biodynamic Principles

Grape Reception – Crushing and Destemming – Presses – Maceration – Concentrating/Enrichment – Fermentation – Cellar Preparation – Blending – Sampling – Filtration – Oak – Sparkling Wine Production – Laboratory Techniques and Methods – Stability and Spoilage – Bottling – Labelling – Packaging – Winery Maintenance

Sensory Evaluation
Appearance – Nose – Palate – Faults and Problems – Sensory Descriptors

Skilled native language tutors
Our professional and private wine language courses are run by tutors who have been handpicked for their in-depth wine industry knowledge, their training and communication skills. So your employees get the most out of their language courses. And have fun doing it. Meet our team.

We currently offer wine language courses in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Mandarin, and we’re expanding our team of skilled native language tutors all the time. So wherever you do business and whatever command of the language you need, we can offer a language course to suit you:

– One-to-one learning or groups of up to 15
– Course content tailored to business or academic requirements…or simply learn for pleasure!
– Regular language classes at your workplace, from home or at our HQ in Norwood, Adelaide
– Intensive on-site or off-site courses
– One-day focused courses
– Cultural Awareness sessions
– Free language course assessment

If you would like to see how a wine language course could
– make your business grow
– enhance your reputation on the international circuit
– keep you one step ahead of the class
– impress your trading partners overseas
– or simply make you friends for life

…call us today on +61 (0) 8 7226 0513 to book a free assessment.

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