German wine language courses

Coming soon in 2014!

Would you like to…
? Communicate confidently with German-speaking winemakers, viticulturalists and negociants
? Improve your speaking, pronunciation and fluency
? Learn how to describe and evaluate wines in German
? Learn to present yourself and your company with confidence
? Learn German wine industry specific terminology, including viticulture, viniculture, cellar management and wine marketing
? Develop your ability put your point across, discuss, negotiate and advise

Or even
? Learn to make effective technical presentations in German
? Write concise, professional emails and clear, accurate reports
? Read and understand German technical documentation

The best way to learn German is little and often. With Vinspeak, you’ll achieve results right from lesson one, and have fun along the way.

Language learning is all about confidence building. Whatever your level of competence and whatever your language learning experience, our small classes, from one-to-one learning, to groups of up to 15 will provide a supportive, interactive environment, which will encourage you every step of the way to get you to where you want to be.

Clear objectives
We offer a free on-site consultation. We’ll arrange to come to your workplace or call you for a friendly chat about your specific language requirements. This is where we discuss the level experience of your learning group, the course topics that are relevant to your business and your specific learning objectives. We set clear outcomes with you and we make sure we achieve them within the course timeframe.

German Wine Language: Beginners-Advanced Weekly Classes

Course Structure:
– Free on-site consultation and assessment
– One-to-one classes or groups of up to 15
– Wine industry course topics and areas covered will be tailored to your department or business area and your learning objectives
– Learn German at your workplace or at our HQ in Norwood, Adelaide
– Timetable your classes to suit your work schedule – we offer morning, lunchtime, evening and weekend courses. As well as during working hours, of course.
– Beginners: 45 x 1.5 hour sessions (recommended)
– Intermediate: 30 x 1.5 hour sessions
– Advanced: 15 x 1.5 hour sessions
– Course requirements: none

Intensive German Wine Language Course
If you need to brush up on your German in a hurry for that upcoming trade fair, expo, wine show judging, vintage or business meeting overseas, you need to focus your efforts, target the areas you need to work on, improve your fluency and build your confidence. Fast. And that’s where an intensive German course comes in.

Course Structure:
– Free on-site consultation and assessment
– Your intensive German wine language course can be held at your workplace, home or at our HQ in Norwood, Adelaide
– Group size: from 1-15
– Course length: 5 days
– Training takes place from 9.30 – 4.30pm, Monday-Friday
– You can choose to attend the course over 5 days, or split it over more sessions:
– Example1: 9:30-4.30pm, Monday-Friday. Completion time: 5 days
– Example 2: 9:30-1.00pm, OR 1.00pm – 4.30pm, Monday-Friday. Completion time: 2 weeks
– Example 3: 9:30-4.30pm. One day per week. Completion time: 5 weeks
– Course requirements: none

One-Day German Wine Language Courses

Spend a day with one of our native German tutors and immerse yourself in any one targeted aspect of the wine and spirit trade. Areas include:

Business and Social Networking
Introducing Yourself – Talking about your Vineyard – Business Structure – Export Terminology – Cultural Awareness

Topography – Canopy Management – Stages of Phenology – Fruit Assessment – Harvest – Organic and Biodynamic Principles

Grape Reception – Crushing and Destemming – Presses – Maceration – Concentrating/Enrichment – Fermentation – Cellar Preparation – Blending – Sampling – Filtration – Oak – Sparkling Wine Production – Laboratory Techniques and Methods – Stability and Spoilage – Bottling – Labelling – Packaging – Winery Maintenance
Sensory Evaluation
Appearance – Nose – Palate – Faults and Problems – Sensory Descriptors

Course Structure:
– Free on-site consultation and assessment
– Course location: workplace or Vinspeak HQ, Norwood
– Course length: 1 day
– Hours: Training takes place from 9.30am-4.30pm, Monday-Saturday
– You can choose to attend the course over 1 day, or split it over more sessions:
– Example 1: 9:30-4.30pm, Monday-Saturday. Completion time: 1 day
– Example 2: 9:30-1.00pm, OR 1.00pm – 4.30pm, Monday-Saturday. Completion time: 2 days
– Course requirements: elementary/intermediate grasp of German

Whatever your level of experience, we can offer a course to suit you. From a one day focused course to a weekly beginners’ class. You’ll love it! Contact us today to register your interest!

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